Every home has gutters for a reason, and it turns out, it’s a really important one. Gutters play a key role in keeping your home in the best shape possible, and leaving these integral pieces of your house ignored can cause more problems for you down the road. Follow these helpful tips below to avoid more headaches, and repair bills, in the future.

How Often Should I Clean My Gutters?

While this will depend on where you live, most experts say that you should clean your gutters at least twice a year, in the spring and in the fall. Clear your gutters of all debris, such as leaves and sticks. If this debris goes ignored, they can attract insects, rodents, and even mold. Not only does debris make a great home for pests, but it can also cause massive clogs in your downspouts and lead to larger problems, such as water damage to the roof and leaks inside your home. If you live in an environment where leaves are falling every four to five months, you should keep an eye on your gutters and remove leaves accordingly.

Are There Preventative Measures I Can Take?


One easy addition you can make to your home are gutter covers. While this won’t take gutter maintenance away completely, they can significantly reduce the debris you’ll accumulate in your gutters. After you install your covers, the number of times you need to check them will depend on the quality of the cover and the types of trees you have in your yard.

Can I Do it Myself or Should I Hire the Professionals?

One of the biggest things to worry about when it comes to cleaning your gutters is safety. If you feel confident in your ability to clean them yourself, make sure you have a sturdy ladder and are on a surface that won’t hinder your ability to clean the gutters. If your ladder is sitting on soil, you can help make it more level by placing a piece of plywood underneath the feet of the ladder. If you’re worried about cleaning the gutters yourself, you should definitely call a professional to help you out.

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